Bianca Lawson Reveals She’s A Fan Of Her Stepsister Her Beyonce, Names Her Favorite Song On Album Byadmin

Bianca Lawson Reveals She’s A Fan Of Her Stepsister Her Beyonce, Names Her Favorite Song On Album  Byadmin

Bianca Lawson is famous for a few reasons. The seasoned actress is attached to some iconic television and film properties over her extensive career. Lawson was a mainstay on some of our favorite teenage sitcoms, from Saved By the Bell to Sister Sister. She also appeared on Smart Guy, The Steve Harvey Show, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer before making the jump to film and movies like Save the Last Dance.

What is more iconic than the many beloved properties she’s been a part is the fact that Lawson has been playing a teenager for almost the last three decades. The ageless beauty is now 43 years old but still looks as young as when she started. This means that she’s been able to accept roles in series like Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars while still acting in more age-appropriate things like Chicago PD and Queen Sugar.

Lawson comes from an acting family. Her father is Richard Lawson. He’s been active since the early ’70s appearing in several blaxploitation films before jumping to the mainstream in movies like Poltergeist and How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Bianca Lawson is not just Hollywood royalty but music royalty as well. Her mother is Denise Gordy, niece of Motown found Barry Gordy. Despite being a part of the music empire, Denise was an actress too and did a lot of work through the ’70s and ’80s before welcoming Bianca.

Bianca Lawson’s family tree continued to grow in legendary ways when her father married Tina Knowles, mother of Beyonce and Solagne Knowles. Now Tina Knowles-Lawson, this means that Bianca and Beyonce are sisters by marriage. As part of the family, its only right Bianca have her standout Beyonce songs from the new album Renaissance.

While promoting Queen Sugar on CBS, Gayle King asked her about the project and what her favorite songs are. Bianca immediately replied, “Energy,” which features Beam. Gayle lists off her favorites as well, which include “Cozy” and “Alien Superstar.” Bianca says that family dinners are lovely when she can make them but says she’s been in New Orleans working for so long it’s rare she can get to them.


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